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Please Note :- Most images are linked to larger versions. None are © to the best of my knowledge. My thanks to all the OWs that have collected or supplied their own pictures at various times. OWs feel free to plunder. Other people please ask. Please tell me if you would like your picture removed from the site or credited.

Very Forlorn and Sad pictures - Where oh where has she gone?

From the Log of Tow Pilot supplied by David Bell OW

Letter From Bert Powell Exmouth Cadet

Requiem for the last days of Worcester

Last Known picture of Worcester III before scrapping in Belgium

As though we left her Yesterday Bruges 1978 awaiting the torches.

Now just the Orlop deck left Nov 1978 the torches have done their worst.

Ship for Sale

Worcester being towed away to Belgium 1978

2 Pictures of Worcester Passing Gravesend

HMS Worcester under tow, taken by an OW, I believe from a containership on her way up Sea Reach - must have been a bit of a shock! Supplied by David Barnes

Post 1965 - The Last Years + Paintings Mug Shots before & after


Tug that took Worcester away - seems to have got it’s comeuppance!

My Space  - a Poem. Arthur Capener 61-62

Worcester Ghost.

Started off as a bit of messing about, but I quite like it - very Nostalgic.

Modern view taken 2009

Picture from Ships Nostalgia
Pictures Supplied to David Barnes by Urbain Ureel 1978

Pride of Place in this section, must be given to the wonderful painting above by Anthony Blackman of HMS Worcester III being towed away to Belgium for scrapping in 1978. (Anthony has kindly allowed me use of this picture)

Another picture on this site here

These two Images are Copyright. © Anthony Blackman

Link to the Maritime Gallery featuring the work of Anthony Blackman here

Unfortunately Anthony died in 2012. A great loss to the artist world

I am lucky enough to have two of these hand coloured print by Anthony Blackman. I am very pleased to own these pictures.