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HMS Conway & Worcester Boat Race on the Mersey Dead Heat 1905. HMS Indefatigable ahead of Conway


Arethusa Boys

Empress at Helinsburg


Ganges Training Ship

Training Ship HMS Impregnable


Warspite at Woolwich

Warspite Poster

Warspite at Greenhithe by Wyllie. Probably Worcester II in background

Original Magazine Layouts

First Worcester v Conway Boat race on the Mersey 11th June 1891 Wyllie 1859-1923

Arethusa Boys Polishing the brass

Swedish Sail Training Ship  SUNBEAM 19-21 JUN 1948 from Worcester III with Cutty Sark

Exmouth messdeck note hammock bars

Training Ship Exmouth at Grays in Essex from David Bell

Galley during Exmouth time

HMS Conway 1952 at Menaii Straits

HMS Conway By Arthur Capener

Royal Sovereign and Eagle


TS Arethusa (ex Peking)

TS Arethusa Prize Day 1947 (ex Peking)

Ex TS Arethusa (Peking again)

Britannia and Kindustan on the Dartmouth

Exmouth at Grays 1906

Exmouth 1926 by Exmouth boy JF Oliver age 12. Contributed by David Bell 47-48

There were two Exmouths at Grays - 1st was a wooden ship 1877-1903 then replaced by the Iron and Steel purpose built Exmouth in 1905 which eventually became Worcester III in 1946

Golliath 1870-1875 replaced by Exmouth © Peter Higginbotham

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Training Ship Exmouth at Grays in Essex

Warspite Henry Branston Freer 1870 - 1900

Mercury Cadets