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Post Worcester Off to Australia


Zip File of Pictures taken by myself Sep 2009 at Greenhithe for download. Also set out below

Seven Videos taken by myself Sep 2009 at Greenhithe. Largest is 55mb

Worcester Ghost.

Still there in Spirit

My visit, like I am sure is the same for all Old Worcesters, was a mixture of sadness, interest in my surroundings, some pleasure and of course a head full of memories and thoughts. My wife and I had a wander around for an hour or so, had a ½ in the pub and commented on how well Crest had done with the site. The Association of Old Worcesters is to be thanked as well for the memorial which is very good indeed. The pub, I thought, has not taken advantage at all of it’s immediate surrounding history and apart from the pub sign, which is horrific, and the picture inside there is no mention of the Worcester history at all. That, I think, is a shame. I would have thought that a source of free history is not something to be ignored. But, maybe it is owned by the last master of the MNC who had little interest in the ship I believe.