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More Worcester II Yet More Worcester II


Racing Gigs 1 and 2

Cheering the Worcester Crew Winners

Presentation to Coxs

Presentation to Crew

Some Wonderful Photos from Cadet Colin Frank Vine all dated 1931 on Worcester II

Staff Member

Air Cadets

Worcester - Conway Boat Race

Visit to the Archibald Russell of Worcester II cadets

Cadets Visit to the Ponape Four Masted Steel Barque

Either the Archibald Russel or the Ponape

Fire Drill

Assorted and Worcester II and Port v's Stbd Gigs

Life aboard Worcester II

Scenes aboard Worcester II

Ships company HMS Worcester II

Ship Dressed

Aircraft lessons Nov 1936

Drawing from the Dog Watch

From a Postcard - Washing Removed

Ship from Ashore


Ship from Ashore

Aquatic and Field Sports

Overlooking Rugby Fields

Barge Rowing

Three Generations of ships 1933. Magdalene Vivien mid

Conway Worcester Boat Race 1936

Early Cap Badge - By kind permission of Chris Chettle.


Worcester II Armistday day 1931 From David Menzies OW
Worcester II Upper Deck Sunday From David Menzies OW
Worcester II Lower Deck From David Menzies OW
Worcester II Poss off Erith
Worcester II Lowering Sea Boat
Bridgework on Worcester II
Worcester II by Charles W. Wyllie