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There were quite a few people who became famous in later life who were Worcester Cadets. Dennis Wheatley, Admiral Togo and our own Captain Steele VC to name but a few. Not to mention the Staff on board.

Statuette of Admiral Togo of the Imperial Japanese Navy Held at Greenwich Maritime. Not on view


The future Admiral Togo was on board Worcester II as a Cadet

Yet More Worcester II

Eastwood and  Roberts on cover of Gordon Steele’s Book

The Late Mrs Steele

Captain Steele VC

Cap Steel VC Diddy

Captain Steele

Captain Steele

Roberts and Eastwood The old and the new Worcesters

Slogger Williams

HMS Worcester III Monty gives the Prizes

Captains of Worcester 1867 - 92 & 1892 - 1919

Captain Steele’s Grave

Captain Willem Burger. “Billy Burger”

Captain John Henderson Smith’s gravestone at Highgate Cemertery.

Captain Steele VC Farewell speech Summer 1957

Captain Steele a year after he joined Worcester II 1930

Link to BBC 2005 with mention of Togo

Lord Mountbatten. First Sea Lord - Prize Distributor 1955

More People.History and Memorabilia

Captain Steele

Photo on Flickr of Cocktail Party 10th Anniversary Worcester III


Submariner OW

Hugh Morgan 1918 - 1990 aboard Worcester II as a Cadet 1937.

Hugh was Divisional Officer aboard Worcester III. Read his very interesting life story supplied  by Keith Broderick OW (Read Icon)

Staff 1957 with Frosty, Dicey, Muh, Tickle, Bags, Jew, and John Bakewell

Thomas Ramsay BEATTY, Teacher and Headmaster 1880-1925 Worcester II

The Bowers Plaque now outside the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge - Clive Bradbury

Cadet Bowers

Lieut. Bowers

Andrew Lansdale and the Bowers Bell, Tabernacle and  Plaque.

Worcester III

The Bowers Lecture by Clive Bradbury OW

The Bowers Bell and Tabernacle 1938

Worcester II

Evans & Doorly

1950-1952 Headmaster Mr. Wakeford
Dennis Wheatley 1910

Crew Signatures Cardiff 15th June 1910

This is a PDF of my own pictures of RRS Discovery just after she arrived in Dundee