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Worcester III after I left 1965 - The Last Years

Worcester III

The College closed at the end of the Summer term 1968 and the ship continued in use by the Merchant Navy College, at some time as T.S. Worcester under the Red Ensign, until they finally moved ashore in 1974? and the ship was sold for scrapping in 1978, finally departing her mooring on Saturday, 08 July 1978 bound for Belgium. Info Supplied by Graham Smith AOW

Worcester 1972 from River

Worcester about to depart her moorings for Brugges 8th July 1978

Worcester departs her mooring

Worcester turns downstream

Preparing to slip her Moorings

Two Views of Worcester III near the end

Worcester Heads Downstream

Early 60s (other OW's Photos)

Worcester close to Scrap Day with Esso on the Funnel

Probably the last Group Photo. Michael Faulkner 65-68

Some Very Sad and Evocative Photos by Barry Leech OW on a last Visit soon before Worcester left for the last time.

Barry Leech on Last Visit

Captain’s Cabin

Maindeck  gangway and bell


On Deck

Harold Croucher Worcester III 1970s Owned By John Taylor OW

Commissioned by Arthur Capener 61-62. Prints available on Canvas.

Paintings of Worcester III

Worcester III Richardson 1993

Prelim sketch by Arthur

Post 1965 - The Last Years 2


Britannia Passes Worcester III

Worcester III Cutty Sark &
Sarah By Roger Morris OW
Worcester III Cutty Sark &
Katrine By Roger Morris OW
Worcester III Cutty Sark &
Katrine By Roger Morris OW

Seven Photos supplied by David Stearne 66-68

Rugby Team 1st XV 1965

Gipsy Moth IV

Sir Francis Chichester & Capt Argles


Worcester 1968

Worcester Sept 1975 view from MNC

Michael Faulkner 1965 - 68

Dingys on the Thames

Sketch by Cadet Andy Rawson 1967

Andrew Rawson 1966-69

Visit of Sir Francis Chichester and Gipsy Moth IV 1967

Gipsy Moth IV 1967

3 Pics Supplied by Richard Hughes left - Bird right

Richard Hughes Bible 1968

1972 By Mark Hurd

Supplied by Mike Bishop 63-66

Mason 1962

My two hand tinted prints by Anthony Blackman