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I have a terrible memory for names, so, in the following slides taken by myself, it will a bonus if any names are attached.
If you happen to know any more names, please let me know
The Main entrance to
HMS Worcester, Greenhithe.
The Foreshore in Summer
The Foreshore in Winter.
Those winter cross country runs !
View of Reeds Paper Mills
from ship
The View Towards Greenhithe
The View Downstream
From Foremast
Ashore for a Swim
Rowing the 32ft Cutter
From Foremast
From Foremast
The Jolly Boat
From Forecastle
The Foreshore in Winter
Worcester from Playing Fields
Worcester from Foreshore
Worcester from Foreshore
Ingress Abbey
Magdeburg - Shipwrecked
Maindeck from Foremast

Worcester III Brochure/Prospectus in Zip form.

Issued 1964

My Pictures of the Magdeburg

Selection of Plans from various sources

Worcester III Cadets & my B&W Photos


Worcester III Brochure/Prospectus in PDF form.

Issued 1964

A note from Chris Mugridge