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Everards of Greenhithe Original Magazine Layouts


Yare Everard

Superiority Norway

Suavity off Start Point

Acrity Norway

Astrality Copenhagen

Anteriority off Fawley

Anonity off Gibralta from original oil

Astrality past Eddystone

Centricity off

Hamborough Head

Everard E Tankers

at Greenhithe

Everard Slipways at


Fredrick T Everard off

Spurn Point

Seriality at Malta

Singularity at Rouen from original oil

Shipwrights at Everards

Supremity - Princess Channel


from original Oil

Clarity off the Needles

Speciality in Firth of Forth

Selectivity entering Fowey Cornwall

Continuity off Tyne

Ethel off Cape Wrath

Frederic T at Marseille

from Original oil

Security off Beachy Head

Selectivity leaving Lisbon

Selectivity leaving Brevik Norway

Seriality entering

Brevik Norway

Singularity at Poole from original oil

Georgina V Everard

Singularity at Risor Norway

Stability off Stadtlandet

Singularity at Berry Head stone quarry Devon

Sagacity leaving Antwerp

Alfred Everard Inchkeith Rock (from Original Oil)

Simiilarity leaving Falmouth Cornwall

Georgina V Everard at Gibralta

Allegrity passing Cloch Light

Assiduity St Michaels Mount by Deryck Foster

Alchymist Skerrymore at Daybreak

Anonity St Peter Port Guernsey

Amity Passing Dub Artach Light

Assurity leaving Le Havre

Speciallity Drydock Gt Yarmouth

Gt.Yarmouth Drydock and Shipyard

Launch of the 100th Everard vessel Centurity

Greenhithe Tank Storage

Sagacity off Greenhithe

Singularity - The Royal Naval Coronation Review 15th June 1953

Scarcity Dean Stone Quarry Cornwall

Everard Vessels at Norwich

Everard Vessels at Par Harbour Cornwall

Sonority Belfast

Superiority passing Dumbarton Rock

Ships of the Everard Fleet engaged on the “D” Day Landing Operation 6th June 1944

Centurity in Mounts Bay. From original Oil.

Authenticity Plymouth Sound