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Royal Sovereign and Royal Eagle

One of our means of escape and an event looked forward to by all Cadets was the arrival and tying up alongside for Prize Giving Day of the General Steam Navigation Company’s ships Royal Sovereign or the paddle steamer Royal Eagle in earlier days.

The ship was packed with parents and relatives of most of the cadets. The usual way was to leave the Worcester after Prize Giving on the Sovereign and make your way up to the Pool of London and disembark there after the end of the Summer Term. It was normal to go home in full Naval Uniform and there were many proud parents about on the day.

Click on the Royal Eagle Title to go to site that has a very interesting reminiscences from John Nicholls. (crew Member). He was no doubt was on the Royal Eagle at the time this photo was taken as his writings say he paid of in September 1948 and the picture would be July 1948. Small world sometimes.

On the same site are links to Royal Daffodil, Royal Sovereign 1V and a whole host of others.

Royal Eagle. 1948

Royal Daffodil II at the Pool of London

Worcester III and Cutty Sark from Royal Eagle on prize day

Royal Sovereign IV Coming alongside Worcester III 1953

Royal Sovereign IV on the way to London after Prize Day. Tony Crompton

Royal Sovereign IV with a bit of history.

Approaching Worcester III for Prize Day on Paddle Steamer Royal Eagle

Royal Sovereign alongside Worcester II Dressed overall for the Queens Centenary visit 1962

Other Training Ships

Royal Sovereign as the Autocarrier.

Cadets and Parents on board Royal Eagle

Royal Sovereign IV Coming alongside Worcester III 1953

Royal Sovereign IV Postcards

Royal Sovereign Menu 1956

Cutty Sark  from Royal Eagle prize day Worcester III

Royal Sovereign from Royal Eagle on  Worcester prize day

Post Worcester


Royal Sovereign IV in her future roles

Royal Sovereign Menu 1962 Centenary Prize Giving