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Eight Black & White Everards
Sailing Barges picture
that I took.
Sailing Barge Will Everard
with Worcester III Cadets 
on board
Sailing Barge Veronica
Sailing Barge Thames 
Medway champion
Worcester and Sailing Barges
Cutty Sark 3

Worcester III and Sailing Barge Veronica

Everards at Greenhithe were all part of the scene for us on the Worcester and one of my lasting memories are the fabulous Thames Saling Barges that Everards were obviously very proud of.


Everards Dinner down ships hold

Trails of Alfred Everard Summer 1957

Sailing Barge looking Upriver
More Everards 1


Sailing Barges

Will Everard Gr Yarmouth

Some wonderful paintings produced by Frank Mason mainly for the back of Everards Magazine and the Worcester Dog Watch Magazine. First Four Pictures show Worcester III and Cutty Sark

Sailing Barge Veronica Thames Race 1956

Sailing Barge Fred Everard

Sarah at Dover

Alf Everard


Sara Veronica and Sirdar_1956


Approach Greenhithe


Sailmakers shop

Alf Everard

off Dover

Will Everard London



British Pathe - Sailing Barges


Will Everard at Wisbech

Veronica and Princess

Pool of London


Fred Everard IOW

Fred and Ethel



Alf Everard

Sailing Barges at Greenwich by Grenville Cottingham

Veronica Sara and Sirdar Medway 1952


Two Champion from original oil

This painting by Anthony Blackman depicts an Everard Barge with HMS Worcester II in the background (Anthony has kindly allowed me use of this picture)

Image is Copyright.
© Anthony Blackman

It took 50 Years but I finally got to sail on a Sailing Barge. I joined Reminder at Ipswich to sail in the yearly Pin Mill Race 2015 and it was just Great !!

Click on the picture to download Video. 1.7gb.

Sarah and Veronica 1956.

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These Great Pictures of Veronica were kindly sent in by Ben Baker whose Dad was on the Worcester

Sagacity Greenhithe

Cambria off Pin Mill

Sara entering Portsmouth

Sara Veronica Sidar Thames Race 1956

Sara wins at Gravesend

Veronica Medway Race Win 1957

Veronica Princess Medway Race

Veronica and Sara

Veronica Sara Sidar Start Medway Race 1957

Veronica Rounding the half way mark

Will Everard

Cambria entering Lowestoft

Sara off Nore Towers