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Cutty Sark in the Daily Mail 14th Dec 1952

Cutty Sark from Royal Eagle

Poor Cutty Sark as the Ferreira during her Portuguese years 1895 - 1922.

Cutty Sark and Falmouth Sunbeams Dingys 1930. This was taken during her time at Falmouth and where she was rescued from by Captain W. H. Dowman.

Everards of Greenhithe More Cutty 2

For Thames Barge Sailing Club. Thanks to Sid Woods OW

Cutty Sark Society 1957 Thanks to Sid Woods OW

Cutty Sark Opening at Greenwich 1957

Cutty Sark Article 1951

Cutty Sark leaves for Drydock and then Greenwich

A lot of these pictures come from a book called The Cutty Sark - Last of a Glorious Era by Alan Villiers. A wonderful book.


Comments about the changes to the Cutty Sark’s Rigging during the time she was with the Worcester II and Worcester III

Long Reach on the Thames by G R Hopkins. Clipper unknown.

Falmouth 1930
Cutty Sark and Foudroyant Falmouth

From Dog Watch 1947

By Capt Robert Wyld

This Foudroyant was previously the now well known Trincomalee now restored in Hartlepool.
One boy scout recalls a week on her in Portsmouth in 1954

Cutty Sark Bell from David Bell 47-48 OW

1924 Fowey Regatta

Icebergs by Capt Woodget

Cutty Sark , poss Sydney

Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark